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Reviewing the seminar “Pedagogical Media Theory and Game Based Learning”

Concept and structure

This term – winter 2008 – my seminar focussed on basics of media theory and their application to the understanding, use and creation of games in an educational frame. While my last seminar dealt mainly with learning theories and motivation, the view turned to media in general, in culture, communication and creation.
Taking a closer look at ‘New Media’ – networked digital media – isn’t simply learning about new channels for educative content. It may be a change from a receptive, interpretative, centralised form of communication to a configurative, collaborative, decentralised one. Both its’ (at this time) predominant traits, digitality supporting its role as recursive media-simulating metamedium, and networking supporting its role as global social medium, may influence the way we perceive information, knowledge and learning.
This seminar had a focus on ludic simulations, known as games and toys. These share some traits with digital media, but also may shed light on two inherent antagonistic sides: Rule-bound compliance and stability, as well as an appropriatable and configurable space of possibilities.

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Web 2.0 in Educational Settings

This is the file we promised during our presentation in Helsinki during our last Seminar.

In case Alex and me are not surprised by unexpexted circumstances we will soon start our little tour through the web 2.0 with all of you inside this blog.

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CYWP-Week 2006

Hi Folks!
18.-24. September 2006 is ” CYWP-Week 2006″ (Creat Your Wiki Page – Week 2006)
Our Group of students is growing more and more. Thats great! Our next international seminar is coming up in less than a month what is great too.
Help each other to know who is in the epedagogy design program by creating a wikipage about yourself in our wiki.

Having a own Wiki Page feels good, just try it!

To do so follow these easy steps:

  1. Register in the wiki
  2. create a page about yourself
  3. add it to the Category Users

As inspiration see Evva‘s, Leslo‘s, Alex‘s or Ralf‘s Wiki page.
Monday: Owen
Thuesday: Christina
Next Update:
Raimo, Gerard
You can copy the following into your own wiki page an just fill the gaps:

**Webpage:** http://
**Blog:** http://
**openBC:** [[https://www.openbc.com/hp/open bc name/ me on openBC]] [[http://www.openbc.com/go/invita/3254946 join]]
**Flickr:** [[http://flickr.com/photos/username username]]
**Mobilephone:** +


My **main interests** are:

>>{{image float=”right” alt=”Your Name” title=”Thats me” url=”http://…”}}
**Category:** CategoryUsers

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Conference 2.0

I found an interesting article about which includes the top ten tips for extending education conferences. The Keywords are “Communication“, “Tagging“, “Conference blog“, “Photos“, “Wiki Notes“, “Session blogs“, “Infrastructure“, “Blog Reporters“, “Podcasts & Webcasts” and “Training“.
I think these ten tips are also useful for our international meetings. What do you think?

Via Weiterbildungsblog

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