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Enrolement and re-enrolement

As I lost my study rights due to – as far as I can deduce – either a late or lost reenrolement payment in 2008, or a forgotten reenrolement information, I have to reclaim my study rights.

Here are some valuable Informations for students of ePedagogy Design. Especially for those students abroad, like in Germany, who are used to a better organised reenrolement procedure, with reminders, fixed fees (!), receipts and counter-receipts, the UIAH-way is a little puzzling.


This is the info I just received from the friendly Naoko Nakagawa:

Enrolment for the academic year (= informing TALSS office whether you will be “attending” or “not attending”) should be done every autumn by mid-September.

If you are going to be “attending”, you have to pay the student union fee by mid-September.
The exact price varies every year, but it is about 50 eur/term and about 100 eur/academic year.

If you are going to be “not attending”, you do not have to pay. But you still have to inform us about “being not attending”.
In this case, no ECTS points will be registered during this unpaid period.
You can not have any student benefits during this unpaid period, either.

If you do not inform us TALSS office by mid-September, you will lose your study right.
Our academic year is from 1 August to 31 July, autumn term 1 August – 31 Dec.
and spring term 1 Jan. -31 July. You have to inform us about the whole academic year, both
for the autumn term and the spring term, every autumn.

Around end-May every year we (TALSS office) send this enrolment information to all our degree Programmes
so that the staff (usually amanuensis) in each Programme can forward the information to our students.


As for checking the arrival of your money, sending the copy of your bank receipt to TALSS office is the only way.

It is a pity that the communication between ePedagogy students and the staff is not working well.
I will try to talk about this problem to the staff. But you know, I am just an office staff….

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Reporting from the 4th int. Seminar

Hi Folks out there! For all you sad guys that cant participate (full time) in our seminar I just want to let you know that we’re using the Tag epedagogyhelsinki2007 at Flickr. Just click to see the slideshow of pictures which are uploaded yet and don’t forget to tag your photos 😉
I hope Presentations will come online…


Write it down! (shouldn’t it say up in these times?)

Thanks for all your impressions concerning our seminar in Hamburg. I’d love to read more of them. To make sure that also the content is documented Ralf created a special wiki page to store the results, questions and topics. Please fill it with all your presentations (or links to them) and group plansand results.

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Blogging for Comments

Quite a lot of us planned to start Blogging for they’re ePedagogy research. As beeing quite deep into blogging I set up a Wiki Page about Blogging. There you can find some basic information and they will raise up if you post your questions here or there. I would recommend WordPress as a Blogging system dooes’nt matter if you want to install it yourself or want to use a already installed one where you just have to sign up for.
But maybe you would like to use Vox which could become something like myspace for adults. The structure seems to be much cleaner and I think more serious than on myspace.
Btw, I set up a Blog (in english language) for my personal ePed-Research as well and hey YOU ARE WELCOME to visit it ;-).

Other useful social software apps are del.icio.us for social bookmarking and flickr as a photo sharing platform. (We have a epedagogy group at flickr!)

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new update study.log b0.50

FYI: There is an update of study.log online. Now it’s reallly useable and feels a bit more 2.0ish.
Download at http://mms.uni-hamburg.de/downloads/studylog
Whats new at http://mms.uni-hamburg.de/downloads/studylog/files/Whats_new.pdf
First steps at http://mms.uni-hamburg.de/downloads/studylog/files/First_Steps.pdf

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New (minor and german) courses added

We just added 3 minor courses for the program in summer 2006. All will be held in german language. Sorry for that (but we’re on the way ….)
-> http://mms.uni-hamburg.de/eped/courses

Maybe especially the lecture-series “Medien & Bildung” might be interesting (for those who understand german). We even have one international speaker: Geert Lovink from Amsterdam University, Founder and Director of the Institute of Network Cultures

see http://mms.uni-hamburg.de/lehre/rvlsose06.html for further details.


About courses

I don’t know if I am the only one, but I have difficulties to keeping up with all the courses – when they start and where to find the information. So maybe we could help eachother on this part?

The Visual Knowledge Building started last Friday in Helsinki at UIAH. Apparently Stefan has e-mailed about this (?). The next lecture is today at 16-17.30 (Finnish time), room 6036A.

Does anyone know when the Rotterdam courses start and where we can find information about them?

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Day three – Presentation and cycling

Rottermam 2006On day three of our international Seminar we had the presentations about our projects during the morning. All three groups have a different approach to the blogosphere. To work on these projects the blog may be used to create a kind of documentation of your group progress, inform others about milestones, problems, and whatever you want and already did.
There is also a wiki available now and Owen will try to organise that one login is working for the blog and the wiki.
I just want to thank you for some very nice days with a lot of intersting people and great talks.
The pictures I have taken are all online now and I hope you will put yours to flickr as well and tag them with epedagogy.


Day two – building groups

On the second day of our international seminar we were sorted into three groups.
It was intended that these groups are as multinational as possible. The three grpups are:

Willy, Lincoln, Camilla
Raimo, Jaap, Jani, Bregje
Leslo, Owen, Eeva, Ralf

After seperating us into these groups we started with two workshops.
One was about study.log which was held by Torsten of course. The other workshop which was held by Stefan introduced the project which should the groups work on during the coming up semester. The topic is “The Blogosphere”.

Tomorrow morning will be short presentations of the studentgroups which focus they will use to “examine” the blogosphere.

Update: In the past (at least) three hours we worked on our group topic for tomorrow morning and visited some websites which should be named here: http://del.icio.us/, http://www.itsawonderfulinternet.com/ and the famous french maid tv how to podcast tutorial.

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Day one in Rotterdam

Today started our seminar with the head of e-learning at the INHOLLAND University which I missed cause we (the germans) came too late.
After that, Jaap Jansen introduced the structure of the seminar before he had his presentation about the ePortfolios. We had a lot of diskussion about that because it was not that clear how all this fits into the total concept of ePedagogy but the idea of ePortfolios and what it is and might offer is a little bit clearer.

This seminar should be filled with workshops in two groups which are to work on a specific topic during the whole coming up semester. I will tell you more about that tomorrow.

In the Evening introduced Raimo to us that he is a “General Motors” car and that all people love products more than people. He for example loves his iPod an Ketchup 😉