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How to get a diploma.

If you’ve finished your studies, submitted your thesis, wrote the exam and delivered a defense – do not expect to get a diploma, as you may be used to at your home university. After enquiring, I’ve been just informed by Mr. Pekka Uusivuori that you have to fill out a specific diploma request form and send it to a specific person in charge:

Please be in contact with Ms. Pulmu Föhr-Siltavuori at the study
affairs office. e-mail: pfohr@taik.fi
Please also fill out the attached diploma request form and send it to
her. University of Art and Design, Hämeentie 135 A, 00560 Helsinki or
through scanner and e-mail.

I’ve attached the document for your convenience. Best of luck!

Diploma Request Form


Time to apply!

aushang-epedagogyAs you might have read already on the “official” ePedagogy Website there is a call for registration for the entrance examination 2010. Maybe it is because Noora, Joni and Wey just graduated 😉 !? Congratulations by the way!
I hope we’ll soon get more ePedagogy fellows to study, learn, work and collaborate with. I created a Poster sized in A3 and spread it on the hot spots of hamburg university. Maybe you’d like to hang up some posters in your area but don’t want to create one on your own. So I’ll share the one I created (*.pdf 143kb).
download-icon Download the Poster!

In case you have something else to promote the MA Program like Buttons for our websites or whatever. If you don’t mind share it with us or at least with me.
And one more thing which some might have recognised already. There is an official ePedagogy Twitter-Account. I will write more about that later on…


My thesis: please contribute

I have begun the final stages of pulling my thesis together and you can join in. In fact, I would positively like you to join in.

My thesis is called The mimi: a key tool for epedagogy and expands my research into the blog/wiki idea into a permanent. portable, personal data-space to be known as a mimi. The link in the previous sentence will take you to the opening section. That will remain the permalink for the thesis. Bookmark it now!

My thesis will be written as linked posts on my site, where it will act as an example of the arguments proposed in it. It will be written entirely in public, which is to say that the posts will all accept comments, which will be left there, and answered where appropriate. Where I am persuaded that my argument is wrong I will leave the “wrong” page visible and link back to it from the corrected page, so the way that the ideas progress will become part of the work.

If you join in by reading and making comments (big or small) then it will also demonstrate the nature of online networks and communities, which is one of the core ideas to be addressed.

In brief I am saying that the mimi works as a tool for self-directed people who engage online, and regard sharing information and ideas as natural, and I am trying to produce evidence to suggest that these people (Prensky’s digital natives as well as assimilated immigrants) are becoming more usual, and will eventually be the norm.

Alex and Ralf, in particular, might also want to read this page, which will form part of the thesis and discusses an idea I am calling peerticles, which will turn WordPress into a peer-to-peer publishing medium – something I definitely intend to get working in practice as well as theory.

It would be good if you could join in helping me show this 🙂