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time out hamburg

What´s going on in Hamburg during our stay: I mean arts and entertainment. I would preciate if our local collagages could made upp kind of top 40 list of intersting happenings in the town that weekend. In Rotterdam I visited the local football derby but missed the interactive TV-exhibition(read about it in newspaper at home).

Relevant website list accepted too.

Your most humble quest, Raimo

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Accomodation in Hamburg

Dear fellow students,

for the seminar here in Hamburg in October we do not have a lot of money. Therefore we need to charge an own contribution by every participant. At the moment this will be about 150 ,- €.
To reduce this amount we are thinking about private accomodation for the students. What do you think about this?

We could make the arrangement, that everybody who wants to reduce his own contribution agrees with private accomodation. Everybody who better likes to be in a hotel has to make this contribution of 150,- €. For the others we could reduce this contribution to 50,-€. Is that ok?

Thanks for a quick answer!



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International Seminar – Topic and Organisation

Dear all,

the planning team has been discussing the proposals for the topics for the seminar… And we have done so keeping the whole study as a continuous study in mind. Now we fixed a topic for the next seminar – still including enough freedom to focus on problems concerning the own interest.
The topic for the seminar in October and therefore also for the next semester will be a continuation of the last semester’s topic. The topic of the last semester – The Blogosphere – was primary part of the field of ePedagogy. Now you should focus your work to the field of Visual Knowledge Building. Thus we want to link the two parts of the title of our study programme “ePedagogy design – Visual Knowledge building”.
The groups of the last semester will start the seminar with a short presentation of the (intermediate) results of their work and then go on (in the same formation) to turn their topic towards “Visual Knowledge Building.”
In this context the proposals made in this blog could apply in the future work of each group:
From the Bliki-group’s work could arise the question “How does social software refer to the field of Visual Knowledge Building?“
The work of the group „Ubiquitous education“ could continue with the topic: „Visual Knowledge Building applying mobil phones, flickr and frappr. – The culture of surveillance”.
However these proposals are not-binding. If you want to focus your work on a different problem feel free to do so. But it must be related to the field of Visual Knowledge Building.

So please keep in mind to prepare a kind of presentation of your group works results or state of work.

And please, we still need to know who will definitely take part in the seminar, tell us if you can come or not.

Thank you 🙂


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Topic for the international seminar

Dear all,

as you all know the next International Seminar of ePedagogy Design will take place in October 12th-15th here in Hamburg.

Concerning the structure of the seminar we have thought about doing workshops in groups. For these workshop we would like to have one main topic split up into three subtopics. So we will have three groups working on these subtopics.

According to our plans each group will be provided by one expert student – the teammanager. These three students should come from all three universities. The lecturers will act as coaches in the background to support the teammanagers. The task of the teammanager is also to fix dates for Skype-meetings etc. This could be valued with ects.

The workshops should be used as kick-off seminars for a project for the semester – like we did it the last time in Rotterdam.

To find an interesting main topic for the seminar and therefore also for the coming semester we kindly ask all of you to tell us your ideas. Then we can chose a topic that is interesting for all of us. And please also have in mind that one student of each university should provide one subtopic to instruct one group.

Please write down all your ideas and proposals for topics and subtopics into the blog UNTIL TUESDAY, JULY 24th.

To be able to proceed with the planning we need to know who will definitely take part in the seminar UNTIL MONDAY, JULY 31th .

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Sunny greetings from Hamburg,


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International Seminar in Hamburg

Dear all,

the next seminar is coming… And before we can start to do the whole planning for the seminar we need a date. So I have put up 3 proposals for dates for the seminar into the platform www.MeetWithApproval.com.

The proposals are:

  • 4th – 8th October
  • 11th – 15th October
  • 18th – 22nd October

Together with Torsten we thougt it would be the best to hold the meeting from Thursday to Sunday, i.e. 3 days of work and a some time to discover Hamburg. Concerning the cost of all it is easier to find cheap flights with a weekend in between. Wednesday in the evening we can start with an unformal come together.
You all will receive an email with a link to this platform. Please answer until Thursday 4 July so that we can start the preparations. And please answer using this platform and not here in this blog so it is easier for us to handle.

Attention with the date! This platform is only able to manage points of time but not periods of time, so I have always chosen the starting day. The ending day is always the following sunday!


Amagezzi and int. seminar in October

Following the last Skype conversations I had with some of the team members of Amagezzi project group, I propose that we continue the group-oriented process and achievements in the project area.
Thus I would like you to post your latest assumptions, reflections and progress reports there.
We would like to start planning for the Hamburg international seminar in October right now. You are invited to freely post your ideas, comments, preferable dates etc in the events section.

Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss

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Conference 2.0

I found an interesting article about which includes the top ten tips for extending education conferences. The Keywords are “Communication“, “Tagging“, “Conference blog“, “Photos“, “Wiki Notes“, “Session blogs“, “Infrastructure“, “Blog Reporters“, “Podcasts & Webcasts” and “Training“.
I think these ten tips are also useful for our international meetings. What do you think?

Via Weiterbildungsblog


Day three – Presentation and cycling

Rottermam 2006On day three of our international Seminar we had the presentations about our projects during the morning. All three groups have a different approach to the blogosphere. To work on these projects the blog may be used to create a kind of documentation of your group progress, inform others about milestones, problems, and whatever you want and already did.
There is also a wiki available now and Owen will try to organise that one login is working for the blog and the wiki.
I just want to thank you for some very nice days with a lot of intersting people and great talks.
The pictures I have taken are all online now and I hope you will put yours to flickr as well and tag them with epedagogy.


Blogs and nomads

Saturday morning started with several discussions after breakfast. On the behalf of our groop we looked at how nomads would approach the world of blogs and how they would construct knowledge and make it available for us to communicate with.

For relaxation during the intense discussions we watched the boats pass by on the river and anticipated the upcoming bikeride to the windmills. Let’s just hope it doesen’t start to rain!

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Day two – building groups

On the second day of our international seminar we were sorted into three groups.
It was intended that these groups are as multinational as possible. The three grpups are:

Willy, Lincoln, Camilla
Raimo, Jaap, Jani, Bregje
Leslo, Owen, Eeva, Ralf

After seperating us into these groups we started with two workshops.
One was about study.log which was held by Torsten of course. The other workshop which was held by Stefan introduced the project which should the groups work on during the coming up semester. The topic is “The Blogosphere”.

Tomorrow morning will be short presentations of the studentgroups which focus they will use to “examine” the blogosphere.

Update: In the past (at least) three hours we worked on our group topic for tomorrow morning and visited some websites which should be named here: http://del.icio.us/, http://www.itsawonderfulinternet.com/ and the famous french maid tv how to podcast tutorial.

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