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Wey-Han Tan

Enrolement and re-enrolement

As I lost my study rights due to – as far as I can deduce – either a late or lost reenrolement payment in 2008, or a forgotten reenrolement information, I have to reclaim my study rights.

Here are some valuable Informations for students of ePedagogy Design. Especially for those students abroad, like in Germany, who are used to a better organised reenrolement procedure, with reminders, fixed fees (!), receipts and counter-receipts, the UIAH-way is a little puzzling.


This is the info I just received from the friendly Naoko Nakagawa:

Enrolment for the academic year (= informing TALSS office whether you will be “attending” or “not attending”) should be done every autumn by mid-September.

If you are going to be “attending”, you have to pay the student union fee by mid-September.
The exact price varies every year, but it is about 50 eur/term and about 100 eur/academic year.

If you are going to be “not attending”, you do not have to pay. But you still have to inform us about “being not attending”.
In this case, no ECTS points will be registered during this unpaid period.
You can not have any student benefits during this unpaid period, either.

If you do not inform us TALSS office by mid-September, you will lose your study right.
Our academic year is from 1 August to 31 July, autumn term 1 August – 31 Dec.
and spring term 1 Jan. -31 July. You have to inform us about the whole academic year, both
for the autumn term and the spring term, every autumn.

Around end-May every year we (TALSS office) send this enrolment information to all our degree Programmes
so that the staff (usually amanuensis) in each Programme can forward the information to our students.


As for checking the arrival of your money, sending the copy of your bank receipt to TALSS office is the only way.

It is a pity that the communication between ePedagogy students and the staff is not working well.
I will try to talk about this problem to the staff. But you know, I am just an office staff….

3 Responses to “Enrolement and re-enrolement”

  1. eva Says:

    Hi Wey!

    Ups, I’m afraid I’m going to have same problem… With who have you contacted in order to solve this? Could you upload the mail?
    I would be good to know if there’s more people with same problem, so may be, instead that each one tries to solve his/her situation we can have a more global solution if it’s a general problem…

  2. Wey-Han Tan Says:

    Addendum: Naoko Nakagawa just send this information:

    “The main point is that every year, by mid-September, all our students have to enrole for the whole academic year whether “attending” or “not attending”.”

    I will try to create a list of all ePed students and send this list to Naoko Nakagawa. Incredible – she’s lacking such a list and would like to contact us and inform us about actual fees and correct procedure.

  3. Wey-Han Tan Says:

    Another addendum: Naoko Nakagaw is not responsible for informing about the enrolement procedure, but only for first-year-students, where the procedure differs from later terms:

    “It is the amanuensis (or other coordinator) of your ePedagogy Programme
    who has to inform every May to all students. But because the communication between the students and the Programme is not working well, I am just try to help the situation…

    Our student union TOKYO also informs our students every May about enrolment procedure. They use students’ TaiK email addresses.

    So, if ePedagogy students do not use their TaiK email addresses or if the amanuensis/coordinator in ePedagogy has no list of students’ personal email addresses, the students and the staff should build a link bewteen “ePedagogy web net work” and TaiK webpages (www.taik.fi). All our information is there.”

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