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What are you doing?

Der ePedagogy-Folks,

long time no see. I met Grant several times in my seminar and Ina. But especially from the ones who are a bit more far away I don’t hear anything. But hey, thats not right. There is one whom I’m following through his daily life. It’s Owen, even though he’s far away. Why? It’s because he’s using Twitter.
Whats that? The following Video could give you an answer.

And hey, there are more of us ePedagogys on Twitter. Now I’ll try to make a list:
Ina @truemmerfrau
Torsten @herrmeyer
Christina @fernschwalbe
Wey @weytan
Alex @alextee
Ralf @ralfa
Owen @owenkelly

And, guess what, there are a lot of other interesting people on Twitter. User the twitter search to find topics and people you are interested in.

If you’ve got a twitter account as well, please write a comment and check if it might be interesting to follow one of the other ePeds…

Greetings from Hamburg,

PS: Happy Birthday to this Blog. It is three years old this month!

3 Responses to “What are you doing?”

  1. roitsch Says:

    Hello, as one of the newest members of the MA ePedagogy Design, I would like to contribute: @roitsch

  2. Ralf Says:

    Hi @roitsch!
    Welcome to the ePed-World!

  3. Ralf Says:

    Meanwhile there is a “official” epedagogy Twitter Account and attached to this account there is also a List of Students and alumni. If you’re missing just leave your account name in the comments.

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