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International Seminar in Pictures

Day three is just about to start and as always you can find some pictures of the seminar with the tag epedagogyka2008 at Flickr. Please use this tag if you post pictures there.

Any other documentation of you online? Comment and trackback to this post.

6 Responses to “International Seminar in Pictures”

  1. Ralf Says:

    Hi Alex,
    my pictures are up here and are also tagged with epedagogyka2008 so they will show up in the shared photostream…

  2. Arie Says:

    Hi all,

    I would like to compliment Alex & Ralf for a series of beautiful photos (as they say in Germany: ‘schon wieder einfach sagenhaft’) on Flickr. Just love it. Showed them to my family and they start to get a grasp of what the ZKM (and VKB) is all about.
    Uhmmmmm…. no one else to say anything nice?

  3. Arie Says:

    Again hi all,

    at the moment I’m working on editing the five (!) hours of video of our last seminar. Now I have bought a few DVD’s of exhibitions at the ZKM and I will try to combine them into something worth looking at (so yeh all will be able to explain to your grandchildren what yeh all have been doing in Karlsruhe). I assume that your home addresses are known at the Helsinki University administration – do NOT post addresses or mail addresses here since this site will also be visited by the more malicious address collectors – so the moment I have finished the editing we will find ways to get them at your home/work address.
    grtz from the shiny (burp) city of Rotterdam

    — want to experience four seasons on one day? Take the train to Rotterdam right away — .

  4. Ralf Says:

    Hi Arie,

    thanks for compliments and already thank you for all that videotaping! Must be a lot of fun editing 5hrs of video 😉
    For Hamburg it will be enough to send one DVD to Torstens or my Office. We’ll multiply them for all participants…

  5. Arie Says:

    Hi Ralf,
    just videotaping isn’t enough, I’m afraid;-(.
    Have you considered (or just thought about) our proposal for the formal specifications of our VKB site? It was not intended to be something to replace everything you have already accomplished, but I still think we should be able to link (RSS-feds or whatever) all possibly relevant information to one address. I think it must be possible to link the offcial Helsinki pages to a central VKB-site that coveres everything. It would be pretty handy for us and for future VKB students.
    Still thinking…;-).Should be a nice project. Just watched one of the ‘ZKM tapes’ again and it is awesome to see what they have done…

  6. Alex Says:

    Thanks for the compliments!
    I just wrote a post where you can comment your ideas about improving this blog. One first step was to put an Login-link into the top navigationbar.

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