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Social Networking in Action

I have been teaching a course on social software. During this I decided that Facebook offers a very good front end for a lot of “serious” activities, including the epedagogy MA. I have therefore started an epedagogy group in Facebook. So far it has 5 members, and a link to this site.

It would be very good if everyone else on the course (past and present, staff and students) would also join Facebook, message me and then apply to join the group. (I have set it as a closed group so you have to apply to join. This stops people messing around with it.)

I think we could use this as collective action research. My initial hypothesis is that using this as the front end to our online networking will be good because we will then get a richer picture of each other, and this will enable us to engage in more fruitful collaborations.

BTW, for those with genuine privacy concerns Facebook is VERY privacy conscious. You can set everything to be viewable only by your friends, if you want – and people can only become your friend by applying to you and waiting for you to say yes or no. It is absolutely NOT like MySpace, Bebo, or similar sites.

Later that same day:

I wrote a slightly longer argument in favour of this on my site (which is now being updated again) here.

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