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Semano Semano

This is only indirectly related to the epedagogy course in some ways, and it is directly relevant in others.

Last week, as part of the Eurovision Song Contest festivities, Arcada ran a huge mobile tv project and we ran a parallel festival in Rosario in Second Life. We ran ten one-hour long events – one every four hours from 13.00 on Friday to 01.00 on Sunday. Over 700 people attended (which is a lot in SL terms).

I am slowly writing this all up on my site, and it will all be ready within a week – not least because some of it will be my report for Jaap on virtual learning environments.

In the meanwhile you should know that Rosario was banned from the contest – AGAIN – on the spurious grounds that it was “not a real country”. Undeterred we went ahead and found a candidate and recorded the entry. Then we made a video.

The candidate was L’angelot and his MySpace profile is here: http://www.myspace.com/l39angelot

You can also see the official video at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18BzfsbVCJA

Final note:

Next week Second Life is due to be upgraded to include full voice chat. Avatars will be able to speak to each other and voice will be distance-based (that is, you will get quieter as you walk away from someone until they cannot hear you). This has profound implications for what we can use it for ourselves. For one thing it allows cross-platform group voice chats for up to 40 people at once. We should add this to the list of things to discuss live in Helsinki 🙂

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  1. Moira Says:

    Exellent song,12 points!

    next time you got something going on Rosario, just call me and I´ll be there.
    Voice chat will be a useful feature within SL.

    Sorjablorja Habercom (aka Raimo)

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