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VLE – List of criteria for the analysis

Dear VLE-group,

I finally managed to develop my list of criteria for the analysis of a Virtual Learning Environment. You can have a look on it here. Please feel free to comment on it.

Jaap, is it right that we now should fulfill the analysis until end of March? Because there seems to be some uncertainty amongst the students…


Christina 🙂

2 Responses to “VLE – List of criteria for the analysis”

  1. Owen Says:

    Hi I tried to leave the following comment on your site (where it would have made more sense) but I can’t leave a comment on your site unless I am logged in and I can’t log in 🙂

    The comment:

    I agree with most of your analysis. Its neat and succinct. There is one important point at the start though.

    You say that “we need to look at the two parts it consists of: virtual and the learning environment”

    I say that “we need to look at the three parts it consists of: virtual, learning and environment”

    I don’t think we should assume we know what a learning environment is and then ask how we can simulate it virtually. We could equally well assume we know what a virtual environment is and ask how we can inject learning into it.

    I mention this because it seems to me that the question “how does learning + environment = learning environment?” has to be answered before we can ask “how does learning + environment + X = virtual learning environment , and what in that case is X?”

  2. Christina Says:

    Thank you, Owen…
    now you (and everybody else) can comment also in my blog, I had forgotten to change the options…

    So to have things together I will answer on your comment on my site. But, yes, you are right, I have skipped the important point to ask for the term learning environment…

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