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Towards an ecology of learning

An ”ecology of learning” would change our current thinking of encapsulated and definite VLE containers. It is hard to visualize the idea of a learning environment by contrasting it, e.g. with the description of an educational environment, which seems to be much easier. The dynamism of a learning environment (mass media, daily perception and sensations, informal and formal education, edutianment etc. ) should not be confused with a variation on the theme of education (e.g. instructional design, educational technology etc.) When this happens, ideas about a learning environment become a variation on the theme of education. But if we include the way people interact in exploring, discovering, creating, thinking, making, doing their own unique set of situations and circumstances in the confluence of everyday life then I believe we begin to approach a more useful perspective to explore possibilities for learning.That would allow an assumption that if we change enviroments for learning, the possibilities for learning will change as well. Changing environments whether it is in real or in virtual contexts changes our modes of interaction, they literally change ourselves.Would learning proceed as something that is purely organic, if we define a learning environment as a natural environment?

References:AN ECOLOGY OF LEARNING ANDTHE ROLE OF eLEARNING IN THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENThttp://unpan1.un.org/intradoc/groups/public/documents/APCITY/UNPAN007791.pdf

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