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Blood cell visualized 3-D

David Bolinsky´s 3-D animation of a blood cell was primarly ment to be a pedagogical tool for medical studies, but it has now attracted even the Hollywood film makers.

The Inner Life of the Cell depicts in 8 minutes what´s going on inside one white blood cell. Bolinsky and collaques at his company Xvivo created it for Harvard´s Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. He says that they wanted to make something that would give people a strong sense of a cell – not as a list of topics to be studied, not as a compendium of tables and graphs and charts, but as a “bustling, immensely purposeful metropolis populated very, very densely by these micro machines that do a huge amount of work at great precision and purposefulness”.

See the film on AIM , its better quality than on UTube.

It took 14 months to produce it. Now the Wachowski brothers, the guys who did The Matrix, are doing a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and they had come across the animation and they want to included it to the special effects they’re planning for the movie.

Since the premier show of The Inner Life of the cell last summer in Siggraph´s animation contest they have been getting e-mails from major universities all over the world asking if they could use it for their students, calls from high school teachers wanting it for advanced biology classes … and museums that want them to work on museum exhibits because they want to modernize how they teach science.

Nice clip and the film is beautifull, I would say. It makes the blood circulate the opposite way. Hollywood content is used to do permanent invasion in classrooms, but this time it´s vice versa.

Read the hole story on Wired News


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