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VLE – 14.02.2007

Hello everyone,

I cannot be at tonight’s meeting but I have finished my version of assignment 3.1 – which is to say I have written some proposals for analysing VLEs.

You can find the proposal here:


I would be very happy if you could look at this – at least briefly – tonight.

Please note that there is a box for comments at the bottom of the page. You are supposed to be able to engage in direct discussion about stuff on my site 🙂 So it would be very useful indeed if anyone who has any comments about what I have written would kindly post a comment on the page.

You do not need to log in to do so. Just write and save and all will be well.

Many thanks.


World Press Photo of the Year 2006

The picture shows a group of young Lebanese driving through a South Beirut neighborhood devastated by Israeli bombings…read more

World Press Photo jury chair Michele McNally describes the winning image: “It’s a picture you can keep looking at. It has the complexity and contradiction of real life, amidst chaos. This photograph makes you look beyond the obvious.”

Photo: APA/epa/Spencer Platt, Getty Images
Link: http://images.derstandard.at/20070209/1(2).jpg

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Didactical Analysis of a virtual learning environment

On wednesday 7th of February there will be a skype meeting at 07.15 pm. In this meeting we will discuss the next steps concerning this course..! All students who are now participating in this course will analyse a virtual learning environment.

A new course will start from that date. New students are invited to join….! Please sent an email before the 16th of february when you are interested.

Please contact me if there are some difficulties with this…!

Jaap Jansen

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Knowledge Formation I + II

The seminar ‘Knowledge Formation I + II’ will start on Thursday, April 5th, 4-6 pm. The last synchronous session will be on Thursday, July 12th, 4-6 pm. Please let me know in advance if you want to participate in the seminar this summer semester. Thanks.

Seminar description: The seminar deals with the history and development of means and ways of representation in art, science and religion. The consequences on the respective systems of thought, perception and action will be viewed, ranging in time from the Renaissance invention of central perspective to the application of contemporary media technologies. Cultural-sociological and formation-theoretical implications of the “historic Apriori” in the specific epochs (M. Foucault) are of special interest. The main focus of discussion will concentrate on the abolishment of the boundaries of central perspective and its impact on further developments particularly in art history.

The seminar addresses both students who have already participated in other seminars concerning KnowledgeFormation as well as ‘new’ students. The seminar will be organized mainly as blended learning concept with cooperating groups of students from Hamburg, Helsinki and Rotterdam. Inter-group-communication will be accomplished via webbased community system (Commsy), eMail, chat and video conferencing.

Type: Tutored self-study with synchronous events
Assessment: International credit points or ‘Leistungsnachweise’ can be obtained by contributions to the seminar’s topic, usable as Learning Objects within the knowledge discovery tool „study.log“ for fellow students.
Start: Thursday, April 5th, 4-6 pm

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Pedagogical Media Theory

The seminar ‘Pedagogical Media Theory’ will start on Thursday, April 5th, 2-4 pm. The last synchronous session will be on Thursday, July 12th, 2-4 pm. Please let me know in advance if you want to participate in the seminar this summer semester. Thanks.

Seminar description: Pedagogical processes are unthinkable without media, this includes the (still) so called “new media”. The seminar will approach the problem, whether and how the modern understanding of subject, society, and formation (Bildung) changes or even has to be newly defined, caused by the development of new media technology and its effects on the meaning of ‘media’ and ‘mediality’. Encompassing a wide range of mediatheoretical reflectable subjects, a pedagogical mediatheory will have to be developed, which has far reaching consequences for pedagogy (and this is not restricted to media-pedagogy).

The seminar will be a tutored reading course organized mainly as tutor-supported open distance learning with synchronous events and in cooperation with groups of students from Hamburg, Helsinki, and Rotterdam. We will communicate via CommSy, use the reading and writing tool eMargo, e-mail and video conferences or chat. This seminar is mainly based on Torsten Meyer’s book: Interfaces, Medien, Bildung. Paradigmen einer pädagogischen Medientheorie, Bielefeld: Transcript 2002 (http://www.transcript-verlag.de/ts110/ts110.htm)

Type: Tutored self-study with synchronous events
Language: English
Kind: major
International credit points or ‘Leistungsnachweise’ for Hamburg’s study of pedagogics can be obtained by writing several short essays.
Start: Thursday, April 5th, 2-4 pm


Visual Literacy: An E-Learning Tutorial on Visualization for Communication, Engineering and Business

Sounds good:

Visual Literacy: An E-Learning Tutorial on Visualization for Communication, Engineering and Business

This e-learning site focuses on a critical, but often neglected skill for business, communication, and engineering students, namely visual literacy, or the ability to evaluate, apply, or create conceptual visual representations. After this tutorial, students should be able to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of visal representations, to improve their shortcomings, to use them to create and communicate knowledge, or to devise new ways of representing insights.


4th international seminar in Helsinki, 6 – 10 June 2007

Our fourth international encounter shall take place at University of Art and Design Helsinki starting with Wednesday, June 6th and ending Sunday, June 10th.
For that very reason we set up a steering group in Helsinki whose tasks are the development, planning and organisation of our next international gathering.



Second try to meet in Second Life

Maintenance in the “second world” interrupt or VLE-date last Wednesday. So we try again 7.3. 20:00 CET

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