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VLE Meeting in Rosario

At the end of last year the Virtual Learning Environment agreed to have their next meeting in Marinetta, the capital village of Rosario in Second Life.

This is NOT intended to be a session about Second Life, but arose from a Skype discussion in which Jaap said that he found there was not enough information for him to contextualise input unless there was some visual aspect to the input. It seemed interesting to see whether the SL avatars would more or less useful information than the jerky images we get via video conferencing.

To attend the session you will need a computer capable of running Second Life; a Second Life account (which is now completely free); the client downloaded on your computer; some time playing inside SL; the coordinates of Rosario.

This is how you can get these:

1. Most computers that are less than 2 years old will run SL, including laptops with reasonable graphics cards.

2. You get a Second Life account from the SL website at www.secondlife.com and specifically from https://secure-web7.secondlife.com/join/  You have to choose from a list of available last names but the first name can be anything you want. You then get to choose a basic avatar. Once you are in the world you can customise this as much as you want – it is just a convenient starting point.

3. The joining sequence will finish by offering you the chance to download the software you need (Mac, Windows or Linux). Then you install it like any other software. (On Windows this will mean that you need administrator rights to your computer. If you haven’t then your IT department is living in the eighties.

4. Before you go into SL download a free Unofficial Users Guide in pdf format from here: http://www.sldrama.com/index.php?action=tpmod;dl=item7 The interface in SL is not the most intuitive in the world and this will be an invaluable help. Then go into SL and go through the induction procedure, which is a step by step 30 minute guide to moving around and using the controls.

5. Since the purpose of this is to convey visual information it will be useful to spend some time making your avatar appear like something that expresses something about you – or the character you are playing. (This difference – is my avatar me or is it a character in a game? – is a large debate for a session somewhere…)

6. Once you are hapy with the interface you can get to Rosario at any time by clicking on Map and then searching for Rosario. Make sure the map is showing at maximum or almost maximum scale and the island should almost fill the map. Click somewhere and choose teleport and you will arrive…

If anyone has any difficulties with any of these steps, please leave comments here and I will try to solve any problems. Please spend at least an hour or so in SL before the session because otherwise you will be stuck on Intro Island on your own for much of the session.



4 Responses to “VLE Meeting in Rosario”

  1. Christina Says:

    Thank you, Owen, for this introduction. I will do my best until Wednesday to look good next Wednesday. Am I right that we are going to meet next Wednesday same time as usual in SL?


  2. Owen Says:

    Christina asked: Am I right that we are going to meet next Wednesday same time as usual in SL?

    I think so. That is when I will be there, anyway – unless someone tells us something else before ten.

  3. christoph Says:

    I will be there as “Christoph Misfit”. That´s my SL-Avatar-Name. Hope to see you all tomorow in Rosario.

  4. Christina Says:

    My name is Anitsa Milo, hope to see you in SL… if it does not work this week maybe next Wednesday will work…..

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