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VLE – tomorrow 20th or thursday 21st ?!?


I just noticed in Mimerdesk that there is a posting lebeled “Skype Meeting” that simply says “Thu 21 December 2006 14:00 – 15:00”.

I was under the impression that we were meeting the same time this week as last week: that is at 21:00 Helsinki time on Wednesday evening. Did I miss something, or is this an old post that has been overtaken by events?

Looking at the calendar for December it seems that this is part of the series that were originally planned and then changed but unfortunately one of the limitations of Mimerdesk is that it doesn’t tell me who posted the event or when – or of it does then it hides it very well 🙂
If we ARE meeting on Thursday then I suppose I should ask: whose 14:00 will we be talking about? If not then I will see be ready at 21.00 my time on Wednesday 20th.

Finally, I should apologise for not posting my essay for this week’s meeting yet. I have been swamped by extra teaching work that had to be done before the end of the year. I will post it tomorrow morning so please check here or my website (www.owenkelly.net) at midday. It is not too long so you will have time to read it!


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  1. Christina Says:

    hi owen,

    as far as i know we meet at 8 cet, i.e. 9 pm for you today (wednesday). on mimerdesk the same dates are shown which stood there a few weeks ago……

    see you later

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