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Didactical Analysis of VLEs – course material?

1. I logged into the new Helsinki website in order to find the notes and/or material for Jaap’s online discussion tonight. I could find nothing.

2. I skyped Christina who said that she found it by logging into the new site and then following the link to the old site and then looking there. I did that. The old site has several sections COURSES has a broken link to Hamburg. PROGRAMS has no downloadables that I can see. The other sections are publicity material.

3. I have no idea where else to look.

4. WHY IS IT THIS HARD? Why do we have to play “search the web” to find announcements and materials? It could be that I am stupid and do not understand how to use this internet thing, or it could be that the game of “hunt the materials” is a vital part of the didactical process.

5. Either way I do no know where the materials are. I have failed to complete Level One, and will not meet the Level Boss. Can somebody who has completed the level and defeated the Level Boss please post an actual URL to the materials for this course here please.

6. I will give you five gold pieces and a power up 🙂

3 Responses to “Didactical Analysis of VLEs – course material?”

  1. Christina Says:

    I cannot give you the link, you have to log in to MimerDesk, there you can find the material, in the section groups you find the group “Virtual Learning Environment”.

    I’ll charge the five pieces of gold only in case of success….

  2. christoph Says:

    Try this :

  3. Owen Says:

    Got it thanks. Christina emailed me some further secret instructions *chuckles*

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