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Skype-Meetings for Didactal Analysis of VLE – Change of time

Dear participants of Jaap’s course, and dear Jaap of course…

I have just spoken with Jaap about the times for the Skype-meetings because for me and Christoph Friday does not work and for Christine it is night… So we thought of changing the time to another day.

Our proposal now is to meet Wednesday, 5 p.m. CET, that is 6 p.m. in Helsinki and I think 11 a.m. in Ecuador (is that right?) Could everybody who wants to take part in the course please put a comment on the blog, if this works or not? Or make other proposals. For me I could arrange it Monday to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I have to teach…


Christina 🙂

9 Responses to “Skype-Meetings for Didactal Analysis of VLE – Change of time”

  1. christoph Says:

    Wednesday isn´t possible for me because I am sitting in a seminar from 5-6:30 p.m. CET. My proposal is wednesday 8 p.m. CET or tuesday?/monday? between 5-8 p.m. CET, or (another question/possibility) : Can´t we work on ourself through the seminar and ask question in mimerdesk?

  2. Christine Says:

    I can make it Monday or Wednesday 8pm CET, before that I have to teach…
    It is also a good idea to work by ourselves and ask questions in Mimmerdesk.

  3. Owen Says:

    I can make Monday to Wednesday. On Wednesday I would prefer a later time, say 7pm CET. Other days 5pmCET is fine.


  4. Owen Says:

    Oh, and I have still not been able to find the course material.

    Is this because I am using the NEW Helsinki site? Should I still be using the old one? Or am I just stupid 🙂

    Whichever it is could someone please email it to me, or tell me a url where I can download it, or skype me with it. Thanx

  5. Jaap Jansen Says:

    For this week I also propose 07.00 pm. The other weeks 05.00 pm would be fine. Tomorrow I’m travelling and ain’t able to be back in time…!

  6. Christina Says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to meet every Wednesday at 8 pm CET, so that everybody can take part?! Because hardly anybody will be able to participate Wednesday 5 pm CET, due to the comments…

  7. Jaap Jansen Says:


    We will meet at 08.00pm wednesday. Christina will you organize the Skype….?

  8. Christina Says:

    ok, I will… See you all tomorrow (wednesdeay)

  9. Antje Says:

    i hope to be in for the meeting tomorrow at 8pm.
    see you*

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