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Second Life blog urls

When we were talking in Hamburg Wey asked me for the urls to some of the more interesting blogs about life in Second Life, and I promised to send some to him.

I am now happy to say that my blog/wiki thing is now almost working correctly: it has tags and tag clouds and rss feeds all over the place (including, at Ralf’s request, rss feeds for the tags). It also has a blog roll on almost every page, and there are seven SL blogs listed there, as well as some more general ones like Clickable Culture.

It seems sensible to tell everyone about it, rather than send some private emails; and then invite any comments, criticisms, suggestions concerning owenkelly.net

By the way, some of the individual entries need reformatting, and some of the links in individual entries may not work yet, because I ported them all over from WikkaWiki and the formatting and links need re-doing post by post, by hand. Since this only needs doing once then I *will* get round to it, but I haven’t had time yet.


2 Responses to “Second Life blog urls”

  1. Ralf Says:

    Have you seen sloodle already? Am SecondLife and moodle mashup.

  2. Owen Says:

    Yes I joined it earlier in the week! Someone I met at the League of Worlds conference told me about it. I am not convinced (yet) because it seems to want to solve some of the problems the wrong way round: treating SL as though it was a normal classroom rather than wondering what new opportunities (if any) it can provide.

    I will explore it for some time though 🙂

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