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Didactical Analysis of VLEs

Dear Jaap,

I have one question concerning your course “Didactical Analysis of VLEs”. I would like to participate and have now heard that you have started the course yet in the Skype meeting of the project group “Visual Knowledge Building”. I have read the comment that you would join the meeting on 15th November one day late. But I did not know about a Skype meeting anyway.

Are you going to provide regular Skype meetings for your course? Is there a timetable?

I have downloaded the one document in MimerDesk – are there more documents needed?

Perhaps you could post an entry into this blog with all the information needed to participate in your course – as I probably will not be the only one interested…

Thank you!


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  1. Jaap Jansen Says:

    Dear Christina,

    You can find the course manual on Mimerdesk. This course is divided in 3 parts. Each part is related to some articles. this articles are also as a document in Mimerdesk.

    This moment will be fine to participate, because we just started the course…!
    Last thursday we spoke about the thursday evning (08.00 p.m.) as a skype contact moment. You can reach me by skype via jaap58211



  2. Owen Says:

    My apologies for this question (because I should probably know the answer already): is this course a major or a minor?

  3. Owen Says:

    Jaap and Stefan,

    Why isn’t this course on the new site that Stefan showed us in Hamburg?

    I thought that everything was supposed to be there now and that I only needed to access mimerdesk for specific information for courses that Julia or Torsten were running. The only course of Jaap’s mentioned on the dicole site is Issues Manager.

    I think I want to do this course, but I would not have known about it unless Christina had raised it here. Are we still supposed to check mimerdesk as wll as the helsinki site (and if so what is the helsinki site for)?

  4. Christina Says:

    If I remember right, we agreed on making announcements about the starting time and information of courses here in the blog, because this is the central communication platform that everyone checks.

  5. Owen Says:

    Okay, well why wasn’t it here then 🙂

    I heard about it because you asked Jaap about it. Was the announcement of the atart of the course posted here first?

  6. Christina Says:

    I have read about the Skype meeting on November 15th on the day after, November 16th. It was not announced, it was just a comment on Antje’s entry about “communication gaps”. And Christoph told me the day after about it, that they started the course in thins Skype meeting

  7. Christina Says:

    Jaap, now I am not sure if I understood you right… I thought thursday 8 p.m. to be the Skype time for your seminar, but you were not there. So shell we just go through everything on our own and ask you questions via email?!? Or will there be meetings every week? I would really appreciate to have announcements on the blog if there will be a meeting or not – so everybody nows.

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