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Blogging about ePedagogy

As you might already know Alex’s, Owens and my Project ist to do some research abot ePedagogy. In order that you don#T have to visit all our different blogs we offer a common blog without really writing it 😉

What is what we do?
Everyone is having his own blog. Alex uses the whole blog for his epedagogy research, I use a category and Owen just tags his eped articels. By doing this we have three different RSS-Feeds focused on ePedagogy.
To avoid that we have to write our content in two locations we mixed it with the help of xFruits and showed the aggregated feed as a “blog” at blog.epedagogy.org.
I diont like the use of external tools and prefer a installation on own servers. Though I kept on looking around for a tool which could do the feed mash up for us and finally found it.
So that is how we offer our common “blog”-site and a common feed.
You are envited to visit us there focused on epedagogy topics.
Maybe some of these tools or even the content ist interesting for you ;-).
Greetings from Hamburg,

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  1. Owen Says:

    Hi we can talk about this tonight on Skype but I have a question, since my German is not as fluent as yours 🙂

    I presume that you are using rss-combiner. What is the dfference between this and reblog, which is also mentioned in the post?

    I ask because I think that one or the other of these has just solved my major problem: writing something to enable what I call distributed publishing, where a paper or essay published on one site is reblogged whole onto another site (and thus automatically updated at the feed site when it is changed at the main site).

    From a quick look at the documentation reblog could do that. What does rss-combiner do that reblog doesn’t?

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