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VLE group forum topics activated

I have just been into Mimerdesk and I have started 2 topics in a forum. I am not convinced I have started them in the right place, but I could not find any other place (or any other way) to start them.

There are two topics:

* A VLE Course Cafe, for the personal announcements; and
* Where are our blogs and web sites? for our personal urls so we can find each other’s stuff.

This is how you find them:

1. Log into Mimerdesk
2. Navigate to the Virtual Learning Environments group
3. Click on “Latest Posts To The Forums”
4. Click on “Improving elearning communities”
5. Click on one of the topic names.

Warning: to write a new entry click on reply on the FIRST entry (the one explaining what the topic is about). If you read another entry and reply to that then your message will become a sub thread…

If I have put these in the wrong place then it is because Jaap needs to create the discussions at the top level, because he is the administrator. All we can do (I think) is create topics in existing discussions…

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Didactical Analysis of VLEs – course material?

1. I logged into the new Helsinki website in order to find the notes and/or material for Jaap’s online discussion tonight. I could find nothing.

2. I skyped Christina who said that she found it by logging into the new site and then following the link to the old site and then looking there. I did that. The old site has several sections COURSES has a broken link to Hamburg. PROGRAMS has no downloadables that I can see. The other sections are publicity material.

3. I have no idea where else to look.

4. WHY IS IT THIS HARD? Why do we have to play “search the web” to find announcements and materials? It could be that I am stupid and do not understand how to use this internet thing, or it could be that the game of “hunt the materials” is a vital part of the didactical process.

5. Either way I do no know where the materials are. I have failed to complete Level One, and will not meet the Level Boss. Can somebody who has completed the level and defeated the Level Boss please post an actual URL to the materials for this course here please.

6. I will give you five gold pieces and a power up 🙂

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Skype-Meetings for Didactal Analysis of VLE – Change of time

Dear participants of Jaap’s course, and dear Jaap of course…

I have just spoken with Jaap about the times for the Skype-meetings because for me and Christoph Friday does not work and for Christine it is night… So we thought of changing the time to another day.

Our proposal now is to meet Wednesday, 5 p.m. CET, that is 6 p.m. in Helsinki and I think 11 a.m. in Ecuador (is that right?) Could everybody who wants to take part in the course please put a comment on the blog, if this works or not? Or make other proposals. For me I could arrange it Monday to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I have to teach…


Christina 🙂

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Didactical Analysis of VLEs

Dear Jaap,

I have one question concerning your course “Didactical Analysis of VLEs”. I would like to participate and have now heard that you have started the course yet in the Skype meeting of the project group “Visual Knowledge Building”. I have read the comment that you would join the meeting on 15th November one day late. But I did not know about a Skype meeting anyway.

Are you going to provide regular Skype meetings for your course? Is there a timetable?

I have downloaded the one document in MimerDesk – are there more documents needed?

Perhaps you could post an entry into this blog with all the information needed to participate in your course – as I probably will not be the only one interested…

Thank you!


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Cool Art – Onethousandpaintings.com

onethousandpaintings.com is an artproject that has recently received massive media coverage. On May 30th and 31st 2006 alone, 322 paintings have been sold – most probably the highest number of unique, handmade paintings sold on the internet within such a short time.
One number, one painting – the number is the art is the limit is the price. Each of the one thousand paintings is unique, showing a number between 1 and 1000. This is an experiment of art and mathematics, on the web, the first of its kind.
The value of each painting is defined by its number (value = 1000 – number). The earlier you buy, the more you save.

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Blogging about ePedagogy

As you might already know Alex’s, Owens and my Project ist to do some research abot ePedagogy. In order that you don#T have to visit all our different blogs we offer a common blog without really writing it 😉

What is what we do?
Everyone is having his own blog. Alex uses the whole blog for his epedagogy research, I use a category and Owen just tags his eped articels. By doing this we have three different RSS-Feeds focused on ePedagogy.
To avoid that we have to write our content in two locations we mixed it with the help of xFruits and showed the aggregated feed as a “blog” at blog.epedagogy.org.
I diont like the use of external tools and prefer a installation on own servers. Though I kept on looking around for a tool which could do the feed mash up for us and finally found it.
So that is how we offer our common “blog”-site and a common feed.
You are envited to visit us there focused on epedagogy topics.
Maybe some of these tools or even the content ist interesting for you ;-).
Greetings from Hamburg,

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Second Life blog urls

When we were talking in Hamburg Wey asked me for the urls to some of the more interesting blogs about life in Second Life, and I promised to send some to him.

I am now happy to say that my blog/wiki thing is now almost working correctly: it has tags and tag clouds and rss feeds all over the place (including, at Ralf’s request, rss feeds for the tags). It also has a blog roll on almost every page, and there are seven SL blogs listed there, as well as some more general ones like Clickable Culture.

It seems sensible to tell everyone about it, rather than send some private emails; and then invite any comments, criticisms, suggestions concerning owenkelly.net

By the way, some of the individual entries need reformatting, and some of the links in individual entries may not work yet, because I ported them all over from WikkaWiki and the formatting and links need re-doing post by post, by hand. Since this only needs doing once then I *will* get round to it, but I haven’t had time yet.


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4th international seminar Helsinki 2007

Time is shrinking. Next seminar is in the pipeline thus I’d like to start the discussion on convenient dates right now.
I would prefer week 10 or 11, e.g., March 7-11 or 14-18.
Any suggestions relating to the next seminar are highly appreciated.
Stefan S-W

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