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Enthusiastic VKB Group

It was interesting how our group get together, especially because everyone had quite a different idea about VKB. Now we want to connect our ideas together as it is promoted by our organizers here.
And we must say that the program here also gave us some fresh ideas and thank you for introducing us to eachother, we are looking forward to visualize the results of our topic, Visual Knowledge Building.

(Antje, Anneli)

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The menu – a central point of the seminar ;-)


  1. Starting coffee & tea, (too) many bagels, cheese, ham, cookies
  2. Lunch in the mensa (yammi)
  3. Welcome Party: Olives, Tapas, Cake, Arabien bread, turkish fresh cheese, beer…


Walk and Lunch at the river Elbe

  1. Breakfast at home or/and at university (bagels, bread, cheese…)
  2. Lunch at the Elbe: Bagels, cookies, Weisswurst, Gulasch-Soup
  3. Creative Agency Style Pizza Break: SEVEN huge Pizzas (diameter: 50 cm!!)


  1. First Breakfast: Apple Pie, Assam Tea First Flush!,
  2. Second Breakfast: Bagels…
  3. Mineral Water with Gas
  4. Lunch in the Völkerkundemuseum, Arabien Food
  5. Before and/or after Dialoge in the Dark: Chinese rice, Falafels, Indian Food…


  1. Breakfast at home (eco-yoghurt, tea, apple pie)
  2. Breakfast at University
  3. Lunch in the Abaton-Restaurant (Salmon, Noodles etc…)

Anyway, we still feel a bit hungry…
This entry is mainly based on the experience of Raimo von Konow….

Raimo & Christina


Mastering your Master…

We (Wey and Yana) have now created a Wiki Page with information concerning the MA-thesis. It includes formalities, links to resources and some insight into our experiences and approaches in dealing with these issues.


DAY 1: Lectures, project presentations and discussions

The first day of the seminar is nearly over – still having the welcome party before us. We started listening to lectures by Torsten Meyer (What could Visual Knowledge Building mean?), Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss (Visual Knowledge Building and surveillance culture) and Julia Schawe (Fake in web2.0 as a form of digital resistance).

After lunch the students active part of the seminar began – with presentations of the group-projects. First was Raimo talking about “Ubiquitous education”. Or speaking in his words: ubication and ubigogy. This presentation was followed by a lively discussion about the digital divide, cultural differences and how these questions are connected to the topic of ubiquitous education speaking in terms of ePedagogy Design.

The next presentation was held by Owen about Blogs, Wikis and Blikis (a word Owen tried to avoid ;-)). It was mainly focused on the differences in use and the advantages and disadvantages of each in pedagogical processes.

Lincoln closed the day giving a short introduction to the topics of the Amagezzi-group. Camilla will give a longer presentation via Skype from Honolulu. To be prepared everybody should read the text she provides at her website due to Saturday.

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The beginning

We started a bit later after the finnair flight was delayed.
Torsten Meyer started with a short introduction into visual knowledge building with a lot of examples he found on the web. Here are some links to things he showed us.
Wordless Pancackes 1.2
easy visualisation
Mac Ad (Network)
You as a pixel related to the world (broadband reqired!)
Social Software
Hello World (on google earth)

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Seminar started inofficially

Owen arrived already tonight and Alex and me picked him up at the airport and had already very interesting discussions concerning several eped-related topics.
Later that evening we met Christina and Owen introduced secondlife to us.
All eped-students and others as well all over the world are invited to follow the international seminar starting tomorrow (officially) by contributing and reading this blog. We will try to post contents regularly.
Everybody tagging digital bits about this seminar is asked to tag it with epedagogyhh2006 and epedagogy.
Lets have a great time!