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Enthusiastic VKB Group

It was interesting how our group get together, especially because everyone had quite a different idea about VKB. Now we want to connect our ideas together as it is promoted by our organizers here.
And we must say that the program here also gave us some fresh ideas and thank you for introducing us to eachother, we are looking forward to visualize the results of our topic, Visual Knowledge Building.

(Antje, Anneli)

4 Responses to “Enthusiastic VKB Group”

  1. Antje Says:

    Hi Anneli,
    how about getting started, before we forget all the enthusiasm again 😉
    I will try to set up a blog, too (hopefully with the help of my fellow-students here) and maybe it will be a good idea for everyone of our group to personally outline their own interest and some ideas of how to achieve some kind of outcome (like where to start reading, what kind of materials to create, where to put it and how to connect it to the other peoples work). Have you tried out the studylog-program yet?
    I also talked to Christoph and he will be in, too.
    Did you here anything from Christine yet?
    I would suggest to start our first meeting next friday [i will need the week to get along with university here, because it just started and also i still don’t have Skype…] – what do you think? what time? i’ll write to Christine, too and ask her at what time she can have a skype meeting.
    hope to hear from you (just write a mail or put something in the blog, I’ll try to regularly read it…)
    see/ hear/ read you soon 😉

  2. Jaap Jansen Says:

    We can make some arrangements about the group process in our Skype meeting on 27th of october 01.00 pm (CET). Besides this we can discuss the course didactical analysis of a virtual environment.


    Jaap Jansen

  3. Anneli Says:

    I am sorry that I could not participate in the Skype meeting, I had to be somewhere else. But http://vkbgroup.wordpress.com/ seems to be working now, so let’s start with writing our thoughts there. If possible, write about your Skype meeting!

  4. Antje Says:

    Oh, sorry Jaap,
    I didn’t know we had a Skype-meeting – maybe better announce the next one by email to everyone…
    Also I only saved the note that our seminar starts the 15th of november.
    You can take part in the VKB-meeting this Friday (hopefully everyone of the group will be in 😉
    see you

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