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CYWP-Week 2006

Hi Folks!
18.-24. September 2006 is ” CYWP-Week 2006″ (Creat Your Wiki Page – Week 2006)
Our Group of students is growing more and more. Thats great! Our next international seminar is coming up in less than a month what is great too.
Help each other to know who is in the epedagogy design program by creating a wikipage about yourself in our wiki.

Having a own Wiki Page feels good, just try it!

To do so follow these easy steps:

  1. Register in the wiki
  2. create a page about yourself
  3. add it to the Category Users

As inspiration see Evva‘s, Leslo‘s, Alex‘s or Ralf‘s Wiki page.
Monday: Owen
Thuesday: Christina
Next Update:
Raimo, Gerard
You can copy the following into your own wiki page an just fill the gaps:

**Webpage:** http://
**Blog:** http://
**openBC:** [[https://www.openbc.com/hp/open bc name/ me on openBC]] [[http://www.openbc.com/go/invita/3254946 join]]
**Flickr:** [[http://flickr.com/photos/username username]]
**Mobilephone:** +


My **main interests** are:

>>{{image float=”right” alt=”Your Name” title=”Thats me” url=”http://…”}}
**Category:** CategoryUsers

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  1. Christina Says:


    if you copy this into the wiki and you have problems with the picture, i.e. it does not appear as a picture, only the ALT-text, then replace the “” around the link to the image with new ones. The code is different and thus causes an error…


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