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The Seminar Programme…

…is available!

The seminar is getting closer, and we all are looking forward to it. 🙂 I have send the programme to all of you, but here (Flyer) it is again. Just to be sure..

To register officially for the seminar please pay the € 30 to the account given in the Email.

Thanks and cheers,

Christina 🙂

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CYWP-Week 2006

Hi Folks!
18.-24. September 2006 is ” CYWP-Week 2006″ (Creat Your Wiki Page – Week 2006)
Our Group of students is growing more and more. Thats great! Our next international seminar is coming up in less than a month what is great too.
Help each other to know who is in the epedagogy design program by creating a wikipage about yourself in our wiki.

Having a own Wiki Page feels good, just try it!

To do so follow these easy steps:

  1. Register in the wiki
  2. create a page about yourself
  3. add it to the Category Users

As inspiration see Evva‘s, Leslo‘s, Alex‘s or Ralf‘s Wiki page.
Monday: Owen
Thuesday: Christina
Next Update:
Raimo, Gerard
You can copy the following into your own wiki page an just fill the gaps:

**Webpage:** http://
**Blog:** http://
**openBC:** [[https://www.openbc.com/hp/open bc name/ me on openBC]] [[http://www.openbc.com/go/invita/3254946 join]]
**Flickr:** [[http://flickr.com/photos/username username]]
**Mobilephone:** +


My **main interests** are:

>>{{image float=”right” alt=”Your Name” title=”Thats me” url=”http://…”}}
**Category:** CategoryUsers

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Re-Enrolement to the UIAH

As especially the German students always have problems with the procedure of re-enrolement I have put some information into the Wikki.

As Friday was the last day to pay this is kind of urgent… I you have not done so yet, you should pay today.



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Blikis: an essay

Hello again,

I have been continuing to experiment, chat and follow the links suggested by Eeva and others. I have now written up my progress in the first draft of an essay.

The Essay is called Graceful Degradation and you can find it here.

You can leave comments at the end and I would really appreciate feedback. The current plan is for Aki, a student at Arcada who is interested in this subject, to do a commentary and the actual php work as part of his thesis. And I would like to use the paper as the basis of a discussion of some sort when we meet in Hamburg, if that fits into the timetable.

I am happy to alter the paper to take account of any ideas and objections that anyone raises. Hey, if anyone wants I can give you write access too and you can hack away at the actual prose – either here or on my Writely account where the original text document was written.
See you in a few (is it 5?) weeks



G’day Everyone

Although I’ve added some comments so far to the blog, I’d like to also post an introduction now that I have final confirmation that I’ve officially registered as a student at UIAH.

Anyhow my name is Gerard Brady. I’m Australian by nationality and an environmental planner by education and early professional experience. However, for the best part of the last three years I’ve been working with a team of designers, academics, and educational technologists (and all sorts of creative-types) at the United Nations University Media Studio in Tokyo, Japan.

We’ve been trying to work out a way to develop open educational resources utilising the opportunities presented by information society so that partnering universities in developing countries can build, share and use educational content (mainly on environmental subjects, for starters). And to cut a long story short, I have kind of realised that, in such a dynamic world with everchanging tools, playing fields and rules, there is no magical “one way”. That said, I’m pretty keen to study the options available though and where they might lead us.

I won’t waste too much more space and time (if you’ve read this far), but to say that I’m really looking forward to starting the course and also meeting everyone in Hamburg in October.


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Blogosphere project

Due to the fact that I can’t participate in the Hamburg seminar I have put the results of my blogosphere reasearch online. I had hoped that some of my fellow team members could have presented my part of the project as well, but unfortunately this is the only part of the project.. So the Amagezzi project with high hopes on nomads and the users of blogosphere have now been scaled down to a research report on online community blogging.

I hope that I can be in contact with the Hamburg seminar online via Skype or other methods. I can do a short presentation via skype and will be glad to answer all your questions the same way. Before that you can read my full report online here
I hope you all have a good time in Hamburg!

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I have just started the ePedagogy in design program in Helsinki University of Art and Design.

Looking forward to participate the Hamburg seminar…

The projects presented online are looking interesting.

My contact information:

email: akatajai@gmail.com

skype name:anakinsky1

Greets, Antti Katajainen

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More bliki research

Hi, my action-research is now beginning to raise issues about what blikis are and how they can be made and used. I have added Technorati tags to the blog posts on my site, while keeping internal categories running in parallel.

I have written some posts recently that you may, or may not, want to read 🙂

These posts try to raise questions that I need to answer before I begin writing the php to customise WikkaWiki so that it is a fully functioning bliki. I now suspect, for example, that a “blog” should be no more than a sorting mechanism, and that this sorting should function as a time stream into which any wiki entry can be posted.

As always, I will be grateful for any comments – here or there.