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Accomodation in Hamburg

Dear fellow students,

for the seminar here in Hamburg in October we do not have a lot of money. Therefore we need to charge an own contribution by every participant. At the moment this will be about 150 ,- €.
To reduce this amount we are thinking about private accomodation for the students. What do you think about this?

We could make the arrangement, that everybody who wants to reduce his own contribution agrees with private accomodation. Everybody who better likes to be in a hotel has to make this contribution of 150,- €. For the others we could reduce this contribution to 50,-€. Is that ok?

Thanks for a quick answer!



10 Responses to “Accomodation in Hamburg”

  1. Owen Says:

    Who will we be staying with, if we stay in private accommodation?

    There will be a big difference between staying with an old couple who go to bed at 9.30 and a bunch of students who party all night. I am not sure which I would prefer, but I do know there would be different experiences.


  2. r. Says:

    Just let us know your preferences ;-). We thought about staying at local eped students.

  3. Owen Says:

    Okay, I will stay with an eped student then! On a scale of 1 to 100 I would like the Party dial set to 55 please


  4. raimo Says:

    Thanks for hospitality, student log is OK for me.

    cheers – Raimo

  5. Gerard Says:

    If costs can be kept at a minimum then that would be great! I’m happy with 50euros.

    Also I am looking at booking flights and taking leave early, so I guess when things are finalised, could you please also let us know when you would prefer students to arrive in Hamburg? The seminar is from 12-15th so I presume that arriving on the 11th and departing on the 16th is not out of the question?

    Much appreciated!


  6. Christina Says:

    Hi Gerard,

    Great that you also will come to Hamburg! Where do you come from?

    The seminar will start Thursday around noon, for the Finish we have chosen a flight arriving at 8:50 in Hamburg. The end of the seminar will probably be Sunday late afternoon. So if you arrive on the 11th and leave on the 16th everything is fine.



  7. Gerard Says:

    Hi Christina,

    Thanks for the information. I’m a UIAH MA student and I will be coming from Tokyo, but I plan to visit Helsinki the week before coming to Hamburg for the seminar.

    Unless I am a bit daft and you have stated this elsewhere (which is probably likely) could you please confirm for me whether I need to book the flight you have chosen that arrives in 8.50 in Hamburg from Helsinki? I have been looking for flights from Helsinki to Hamburg on Blue 1, but I would need to book soon to avoid missing out.

    Many thanks!


  8. Christina Says:

    Hi Gerard,

    I have asked Stefan if he or we are going to book the flights for the Helsinki students. Until now I got no answer from him, but could you just ask him, if he will book the flights, then he can just add you on the list. If I get an answer from him I will tell you.



  9. Owen Says:

    Hi Christina,

    Stefan told me that he was going to book the flights. That was some time ago though.


  10. Christina Says:

    Thank you, Owen! So I do not have care about it any more…

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