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A bliki “proof of concept”

Hello all,

After Rotterdam I agreed that I would produce a “proof of concept” example of a single piece of software acting like a wiki and a blog. It is now online.

After several attempts I decided that Wikkawiki offered the best starting point, and that I would be my own test subject. I decided to abandon my blog and rebuild something in Wikkawiki that would serve as both a blog and a personal knowledge base, to which other people could ad comments, links and so on.

I have added content, including some of the epedagogy essays I have written, some research material and some outright nonsense. I have included the essay about “Concept Maps are not Mind maps” which I wrote after I became confused about which we were using last term. There is also another note about issues that I think need to be addressed if we are going to use ideas of symbolic forms.

I now have the first version online at www.owenkelly.net where you can look at it and leave any comments you want. There are still several major things to do. Technically I have to get the RSS feeds working, and then I have to automate the blog-updating process which is too manual to be efficient at the moment.

The bliki is entirely CSS based (with no tables), which means I can alter the layout and appearance relatively easily.

I am trying to make sure I can come to Hamburg, and if I can, I will be very happy to have a discussion about the site and its possible advantages or disadvantages.

Oh, and Eeva & Leslo: if you have any research you want to drop into the wiki then let me know and we will include it.

All comments welcome 🙂


9 Responses to “A bliki “proof of concept””

  1. r. Says:

    Hi Owen,

    I just visited your page and asking myself again about what makes a blog a blog and a wiki a wiki.
    I think easy linking and primry internal linking is one of the keyfeatures in a wiki but also a lot of authors contributing is a key element.
    For using your website as a blog there are things missing. Trackback (and Ping?) is one thing bute see who leaves comments a nother thing. You’re already working on the RSS Feeds. If I can manage I will try to get a Page like yours in WordPress, maybe I’ll get the advantages of the Bliki and the Blog into it without tweaking that much, but maybe not. 😉
    Good job Owen!

  2. Owen Says:

    You are right: trackback and ping do need adding. I think I can find a trackback module I can hack into wikkawiki, and there is a wikiping module which I could maybe change to point to a blogping service.

    Any ideas?

    I can get RSS on the comments fairly easily when I set it up too (I think).

    Those are this week’s projects then 🙂

  3. Owen Says:

    Okay, the next phase of the project has begun 🙂

    You can read my considered response to Ralf’s comments here:


    and reply either here or there!

    In brief: I am not going to implement Trackback but I AM going to figure out ways of blending into the Technorati landscape (and possibly Digg, and so on…)

  4. Dario Says:

    Hi Owen,

    I just bumped into your blog post. As lead developer of Wikka, I’m glad to see you chose our engine as a codebase 🙂

    The Wikiping system you refer to is still available in Wikka, but at the moment the recentchanges.net server that used to receive pings is down. We are planning to set it up again, but it’s true that it adopts a quite different approach from services like technorati. Further development in this direction should be expected as soon as we implement in Wikka a class for flexible feed generation, currently in beta status.

    Broadly speaking, I’m interested in ideas regarding syndication/pinging systems for wikis so if you wish to share further ideas on this with the Wikka community, you are welcome to start a discussion page at wikkawiki.org.


    aka DarTar

  5. Dario Says:

    BTW the link to http://www.owenkelly.net in the 4th paragraph must be fixed.

  6. Owen Says:

    Oops, you are right Dario.

    I don’t know how the bogus link got in there. ANyway it is fixed now. Thanks

  7. r. Says:

    Hi Owen, maybe SnipSnap is already what we are looking for…!?

  8. Owen Says:

    Hi, the site seems to be down at the moment, but I will look at it later. I have however looked at the pages available as Google caches.

    It could well be a neat out of the box solution but – warning – the blog online seems to suggest that it is not yet complete, which might simpl make it an interesting race to see who can complete their bliki first 🙂

  9. Owen Says:

    Oh, and I should also say that IMHO having two incomplete solutions to test against each other could be a HUGE research advantage.

    We can look at their assumptions as opposed to mine; at how they think blogs and wikis should be integrated as opposed to your views and mine; and about how the user deals with information in the different solution.

    If you or Eeva or Leslo start using SnipSnap then we could have ourselves a really neat piece of comparative research!


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