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time out hamburg

What´s going on in Hamburg during our stay: I mean arts and entertainment. I would preciate if our local collagages could made upp kind of top 40 list of intersting happenings in the town that weekend. In Rotterdam I visited the local football derby but missed the interactive TV-exhibition(read about it in newspaper at home).

Relevant website list accepted too.

Your most humble quest, Raimo

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Online bliki resources

Eeva has sent me a list of places online that we should use in our bliki research. I have (of course) put it in my bliki 🙂

You can find the list here

If anyone has any more address of examples, discussions, definitions, and so on then please forward them to me or leave them as a comment on that page.



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Accomodation in Hamburg

Dear fellow students,

for the seminar here in Hamburg in October we do not have a lot of money. Therefore we need to charge an own contribution by every participant. At the moment this will be about 150 ,- €.
To reduce this amount we are thinking about private accomodation for the students. What do you think about this?

We could make the arrangement, that everybody who wants to reduce his own contribution agrees with private accomodation. Everybody who better likes to be in a hotel has to make this contribution of 150,- €. For the others we could reduce this contribution to 50,-€. Is that ok?

Thanks for a quick answer!



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Good news (or bad news)

depending on your point of view. 🙂

It now looks certain that I will be coming to the Hamburg session. I have promised Stefan that I will prepare several topics to do with the work we have been doing, and the work that we are planning to do this semester.

To answer Raimo’s request that everything should be threaded together, I have posted some details about what I would like to do in a post on my blog .

I am more than happy to fit in with everything Christina has been organising, and I certainly want to extend my bliki work into the area of visual knowledge building, perhaps by further incorporating concept mapping into it.

We can carry on the discussion here or there – and later (if I get the RSS/tags working properly) the comments will all be cross-referenced anyway



A bliki “proof of concept”

Hello all,

After Rotterdam I agreed that I would produce a “proof of concept” example of a single piece of software acting like a wiki and a blog. It is now online.

After several attempts I decided that Wikkawiki offered the best starting point, and that I would be my own test subject. I decided to abandon my blog and rebuild something in Wikkawiki that would serve as both a blog and a personal knowledge base, to which other people could ad comments, links and so on.

I have added content, including some of the epedagogy essays I have written, some research material and some outright nonsense. I have included the essay about “Concept Maps are not Mind maps” which I wrote after I became confused about which we were using last term. There is also another note about issues that I think need to be addressed if we are going to use ideas of symbolic forms.

I now have the first version online at www.owenkelly.net where you can look at it and leave any comments you want. There are still several major things to do. Technically I have to get the RSS feeds working, and then I have to automate the blog-updating process which is too manual to be efficient at the moment.

The bliki is entirely CSS based (with no tables), which means I can alter the layout and appearance relatively easily.

I am trying to make sure I can come to Hamburg, and if I can, I will be very happy to have a discussion about the site and its possible advantages or disadvantages.

Oh, and Eeva & Leslo: if you have any research you want to drop into the wiki then let me know and we will include it.

All comments welcome 🙂


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The Hamburg seminar

Dear Christina,
great to see you are doing the coordination of the preparation work for the international seminar.
It appears there are already a few ideas in the pipeline, however I would like to put forward a reminder relating to our last seminar in Rotterdam, where we decided that semester projects on “Blogosphere” will be presented during the Hamburg seminar.
Did you consider that in your plans as well?
Are there are any ideas or proposals on accomodation in Hamburg?
Many thanks in advance,

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International Seminar – Topic and Organisation

Dear all,

the planning team has been discussing the proposals for the topics for the seminar… And we have done so keeping the whole study as a continuous study in mind. Now we fixed a topic for the next seminar – still including enough freedom to focus on problems concerning the own interest.
The topic for the seminar in October and therefore also for the next semester will be a continuation of the last semester’s topic. The topic of the last semester – The Blogosphere – was primary part of the field of ePedagogy. Now you should focus your work to the field of Visual Knowledge Building. Thus we want to link the two parts of the title of our study programme “ePedagogy design – Visual Knowledge building”.
The groups of the last semester will start the seminar with a short presentation of the (intermediate) results of their work and then go on (in the same formation) to turn their topic towards “Visual Knowledge Building.”
In this context the proposals made in this blog could apply in the future work of each group:
From the Bliki-group’s work could arise the question “How does social software refer to the field of Visual Knowledge Building?“
The work of the group „Ubiquitous education“ could continue with the topic: „Visual Knowledge Building applying mobil phones, flickr and frappr. – The culture of surveillance”.
However these proposals are not-binding. If you want to focus your work on a different problem feel free to do so. But it must be related to the field of Visual Knowledge Building.

So please keep in mind to prepare a kind of presentation of your group works results or state of work.

And please, we still need to know who will definitely take part in the seminar, tell us if you can come or not.

Thank you 🙂


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