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Topic for the international seminar

Dear all,

as you all know the next International Seminar of ePedagogy Design will take place in October 12th-15th here in Hamburg.

Concerning the structure of the seminar we have thought about doing workshops in groups. For these workshop we would like to have one main topic split up into three subtopics. So we will have three groups working on these subtopics.

According to our plans each group will be provided by one expert student – the teammanager. These three students should come from all three universities. The lecturers will act as coaches in the background to support the teammanagers. The task of the teammanager is also to fix dates for Skype-meetings etc. This could be valued with ects.

The workshops should be used as kick-off seminars for a project for the semester – like we did it the last time in Rotterdam.

To find an interesting main topic for the seminar and therefore also for the coming semester we kindly ask all of you to tell us your ideas. Then we can chose a topic that is interesting for all of us. And please also have in mind that one student of each university should provide one subtopic to instruct one group.

Please write down all your ideas and proposals for topics and subtopics into the blog UNTIL TUESDAY, JULY 24th.

To be able to proceed with the planning we need to know who will definitely take part in the seminar UNTIL MONDAY, JULY 31th .

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Sunny greetings from Hamburg,


7 Responses to “Topic for the international seminar”

  1. r. Says:

    Things (possible topics) which ran throug my head after reading this:
    social software and e-learning, interface design, something(?) to get closer to what is visual knowlege building, how should a e-learning environmet look for easy knowlegebuilding or sth. like that…

  2. Christina Says:

    Two proposals for topics we had talked about with Torsten and Julia

    1. How does social software refer to the field of visual knowledge building? (theoretical approach)

    2. Learning Environments – are blogs, wikis etc. more appropriate than the common e-learning platforms?

  3. stefan Says:

    3. Visual Knowledge Building applying mobil phones, flickr and frappr. Topic: “The culture of surveillance”
    (semester project)

  4. Alex Says:

    Sounds good!

  5. Eeva Says:

    I would also be interested in linear and non-linear narratives in digital media and epedagogy.

  6. torsten meyer Says:

    Eevas suggestion sounds highly promising in my ears (and inbetween them).

  7. Eeva Says:

    But we need a person to instruct it. Is there someone in seminar who is specialised to that field?

    I can present my work I did for Knowledge Formation course, which was about linearity and non-linearity of performance art. I used Espen Aarseth’s theory there, but my knowledge of narratives in new media are not sufficient to instruct a group. But I would like to learn about them! 🙂

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