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International Seminar in Hamburg

Dear all,

the next seminar is coming… And before we can start to do the whole planning for the seminar we need a date. So I have put up 3 proposals for dates for the seminar into the platform www.MeetWithApproval.com.

The proposals are:

  • 4th – 8th October
  • 11th – 15th October
  • 18th – 22nd October

Together with Torsten we thougt it would be the best to hold the meeting from Thursday to Sunday, i.e. 3 days of work and a some time to discover Hamburg. Concerning the cost of all it is easier to find cheap flights with a weekend in between. Wednesday in the evening we can start with an unformal come together.
You all will receive an email with a link to this platform. Please answer until Thursday 4 July so that we can start the preparations. And please answer using this platform and not here in this blog so it is easier for us to handle.

Attention with the date! This platform is only able to manage points of time but not periods of time, so I have always chosen the starting day. The ending day is always the following sunday!


Amagezzi and int. seminar in October

Following the last Skype conversations I had with some of the team members of Amagezzi project group, I propose that we continue the group-oriented process and achievements in the project area.
Thus I would like you to post your latest assumptions, reflections and progress reports there.
We would like to start planning for the Hamburg international seminar in October right now. You are invited to freely post your ideas, comments, preferable dates etc in the events section.

Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss

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