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Group 3 – What’s going on?

Hey folks,

some weeks ago I joined group 3 – ubiquitous education – but still got no reaction from no one… So another try, using this blog. I really would like to start working on the project but we do not really have talked about the exact topic, about the concept for our work… and I think, this is hard to manage just using email or this blog.

So I propose to have a Skype-meeting as a kick-off for the project. Then we can talk together about our topic and the future work. To have a good result for this kick-off-meeting I would say everybody thinks about the topic and also thinks about the roles in the project etc. until we meet over Skype. What do you think?

This is what Raimo wrote about the topic:

“Me and Joni been talking about the project and we found
ubiquitousness most interesting and promising topic of our Rotterdam
We would like to focus on that in our project. What your think?
In our presentation we applied the following definition: In
ubiquituous society IT-services are provided all the time,
everywhere, with everybody.

That means accessebility without time and place restrictions,
including floating timetables and flexible working hours, more fun
and labour around o´clock where ever you happens to be. It´s “on the
go” thing that all the internet operators, cell phone manufactures,
Nokia, Apple… are so fired up.

Our question might be: what is ubiquitous education? And what is the
role of the weblog in this all?”
Proposals for the time:

1. Since most of you take part in KnowledgeFormation taking place Tuesdays we could meet 90 minutes before the start of the seminar or after the seminar… So, first meeting tuesday, 16th may?

2. Friday afternoon?

3. Weekend?

Please share your thoughts with me 🙂 I am looking forward to working with you on this topic…

5 Responses to “Group 3 – What’s going on?”

  1. raimo Says:

    Yeap, ubi-thing!?
    I thought it has stagnated: nobody seemed to be interested, had now time, ignored to reply etc….exept Christina with whom I had a short chat while skypying with knowledgeformation guys.

    Now I find that “ubitous” has continued its well documented life in blogosfär.
    That´s nice. Without staggering to the truism that amount of different platforms is directly proportional to the posibility of all kind of unnnecessary buzz( its ecactly what ubitous is about, I try to figure out what is going on at the moment.

    cheers Raimo

  2. Christina Says:

    So, another try to start the communication about this project… 😉

    As we should prepare a kind of presentation of our group work on the seminar in October I think we should at least start to do something now. That means, we must get clear about the topic and let’s see if we can do something until October. I think we should meet as soon as possible via Skype. And to have a useful session everybody should be prepared in this session and have some stuff to discuss or ideas etc.

    What do you think? If no one else is interested, Raimo, perhaps we could try to do a little group-work? Here in Hamburg there is another new student interested in this topic – Ina. I will asked her to get involved.

    Possible Skype-times for me (in German time):

    Friday, 8 september
    Saturday, 9 september
    Sunday, 10 september
    Tuesday, 12 september
    Wednesday, 13 september
    and then every Monday, every Wednesday… In September I am full of work, but all is flexible. So just propose a date!

  3. Christina Says:

    Funny, I have just seen, I have written “In German time” but just listed dates. These should be the same in Finland and Germany… 😉

  4. raimo Says:

    This goes on fine, I´m able to skype on 9th or 10th sep.

    I have done some resources further details of the subject.
    Ubiquitious is linked to the larger cultural shift:
    – use of time, mobility, social sofwares, networking
    – techological development(broadband, internet penetration, mobile devices)
    – legislation and governmental support

    Subtopics of this project could be:
    – definition of consept “ubiquitious” and the use of it in historical perspective
    – concrete cases of how it works in real life
    – ubiquitious and pedagogy
    – international comparison

    What you say Cristina and Ina

  5. Christina Says:

    Hey Raimo,

    sorry for my late answer but I was very busy. So shall we meet via Skype on Saturday or Sunday? For me Saturday in the afternoon is fine, Sunday is ok, too, but Saturday is better. Around 4 pm German time, that is 5 Finish time? I think I will be online the whole day, Friday and Saturday. Just Skype me….

    I will also ask Ina…



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