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Dave Winer on blogs and wikis

Here is an article I found on ZDNet news that is very relevant to the bliki research group (in my opinion).

The article is here:


Winer talks about the differences between blogs and wikis, the problems wikis face, and some suggested technical solutions.


Group 3 – What’s going on?

Hey folks,

some weeks ago I joined group 3 – ubiquitous education – but still got no reaction from no one… So another try, using this blog. I really would like to start working on the project but we do not really have talked about the exact topic, about the concept for our work… and I think, this is hard to manage just using email or this blog.

So I propose to have a Skype-meeting as a kick-off for the project. Then we can talk together about our topic and the future work. To have a good result for this kick-off-meeting I would say everybody thinks about the topic and also thinks about the roles in the project etc. until we meet over Skype. What do you think?

This is what Raimo wrote about the topic:

“Me and Joni been talking about the project and we found
ubiquitousness most interesting and promising topic of our Rotterdam
We would like to focus on that in our project. What your think?
In our presentation we applied the following definition: In
ubiquituous society IT-services are provided all the time,
everywhere, with everybody.

That means accessebility without time and place restrictions,
including floating timetables and flexible working hours, more fun
and labour around o´clock where ever you happens to be. It´s “on the
go” thing that all the internet operators, cell phone manufactures,
Nokia, Apple… are so fired up.

Our question might be: what is ubiquitous education? And what is the
role of the weblog in this all?”
Proposals for the time:

1. Since most of you take part in KnowledgeFormation taking place Tuesdays we could meet 90 minutes before the start of the seminar or after the seminar… So, first meeting tuesday, 16th may?

2. Friday afternoon?

3. Weekend?

Please share your thoughts with me 🙂 I am looking forward to working with you on this topic…

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Skype consulting hours

The Videoconference will be canceled again as there are only a few persons available at my proposed date.
Thus I recommend to consult me via Skype if you have any study related questions.
Weekly consulting hours are:
Monday 13.00 – 14.30 (EET)

E-Mail from Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss