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Postponed Third Meeting Bliki Team

Hi folks

Since only Owen an I were at Skype this morning, and since even we were both unprepaired (*blush*), we decided to postpone the meeting to Friday, the 28th of April, at 13:00 CET / 14:00 EET, on Skype.
I hope I can give an overview of some tasks and preparations before that moment, and that Jana and Wey-Tan can join us .

Greetz, Leslo

5 Responses to “Postponed Third Meeting Bliki Team”

  1. Eeva Says:


    I’m sorry that I was unavailable yesterday. I was sick and didn’t come to work, and also forgot about our meeting… But I wouldn’t have had energy for that anyway. 🙂

    Friday 28th is a good time for our next meeting.

    Have a nice Easter holiday!

  2. yana Says:

    I’m sorry but I won’t be able to make it to either date, however I would be interested in following up a recording (if that is possible).
    Happy Easter and good luck!

  3. weytan Says:

    Hello Leslo, Eeva and Jana,

    I’ve just handed in my written diploma thesis and am now preparing for my five oral resp. written exams, looming over the next four months. So, unfortunately, my collaboration with the Bliki-group will be sporadic at best, I’m very sorry.
    Whenever I can draw a connection with game/play as means of subjective/subversive data-organisation and closure (my still outstanding MA-thesis), I’ll contribute…

    Fohe Ostern,

  4. Ralf Says:

    Hey Bliki-Team!
    Did I get lost on our way? I mean do we still have meetings, or should we have one again? If yes, when?

  5. Owen Says:


    I think the meetings have slowed to a temporary stop. BUT I have been working away in a darkened room, and I am almost ready to unleash a custom-made bliki that will act as a proof-of-concept.

    Perhaps we could arrange a meeting for the start of August to look at this, and the things others have been doing?

    Have a good summer

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