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RSS is the solution that we need

I was thinking about social software over the weekend, and I realised that the problems that we have been having with the various websites in Germany, Holland and Finland are not real problems. Or at least they do not need solving in the ways that we have been thinking.

There is nothing wrong with the current sites except for the fact that we have to go to them, log in, and hunt around for anything relevant. If we didn’t have to do that they would be perfect.

The good news is that we don’t have to do that, if it is possible to get RSS feeds out of the various websites. I have set up both Thunderbird and a My Yahoo page to display RSS feeds from this blog, as a test, and they work fine. So all we need to do is to persuade Japp, Stefan and Torsten to do the same – or to authorise someone else to do it for them.

If it is NOT possible to get RSS feeds out of the sites then there is another solution. Each university can get a free subscription to HITRSS.com which allows you to enter RSS feeds manually by filling in a simple form – no coding needed 🙂 Then everyone can set up their email client or homepage to retrieve the RSS feeds and everyone will automatically find out all the information that is published without having to log into strange sites with unfriendly interfaces.

Do this make sense? Ralf, can you check out the possibilities of RSS at Hamburg, or the alternate possibility of persuading someone to use HITRSS to create a feed, please?

I will talk to Stefan about this too. Does anyone in Rotterdam have access to RSS feeds? This will solve our problems using something in the sphere of solution software, thus making it a practical illustration of some of the themes of our current projects.

Yabba dabba do!

6 Responses to “RSS is the solution that we need”

  1. Ralf Says:

    RSS is not implemented in CommSy yet, but I will go and check what I can do…

  2. Torsten Meyer Says:

    rss could not be implemented to commsy cause commsy-rooms are password-protected.

    But for the first I just added a (experimental) rss-feed for the overview page on all courses:
    Have a look at http://mms.uni-hamburg.de/eped/courses
    and subscribe to http://mms.uni-hamburg.de/eped/feed.php

  3. Eeva Says:

    I have been reading and learning about RSS-feeds (I wasn’t that familiar with those earlier). But what would be a good newsreader now that I want to start to use RSS feeds? I have found some softwares, but if somebody can recommend a good one, please let me know.

  4. Owen Says:

    Hi, you don’t really need a reader because either Firefox (the browser) or Thunderbird (the email program) will do them.

    In Firefox I have my home page set to MyYahoo, and that lets you put any RSS feed onto the page. I have ePed showing up there alongside BBC news and so on. In Thunderbird you subscribe to an RSS feed by creating a Newsgroup or RSS acount.

    The main difference is that in Firefox I see the latest 5 entries and this updates every couple of hours. In Thunderbird the RSS links are downloaded just like emails and so they remain in my inbox permanently until I delete them.

    More info if you (or anyone else) wants it 🙂

  5. Ralf Says:

    Hi Eeva!
    I use http://ranchero.com/netnewswire/ on my Mac. There is a “lite”(in the bottom of the page) version which is for free!

  6. Eeva Says:

    Hello, thanks for your tips. Netnewswire looks nice, and I already installed it. But since I use two computers, the net based would be better. I think I will experiment a bit with both ways. 🙂

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