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Blikis: some technical information

As Eeva says, the idea of a bliki has been around a good while, and some people already believe they are an inevitable next step. How are we going to implement one?

I have been looking into the possible options – ruling out (for the moment at least) building our own from scratch. After looking around, I suggest that we use two systems. Ralf will create one and I will create the other.

There is a plug-in that enables Wikkawiki (the wiki we are using) to work inside WordPress, the blog software I am writing this in. I suggest that Ralf tries to install this here. That will give us an integrated bliki. Will it be useful? In part that depends on how the two are integrated.

You can find the plug-in here:


The other approach is to use a ready-combined software tool, and it looks as though this is what TikiWiki claims to be. You can see that here:


I intend to rebuild my own blog from scratch using this, so we can compare the two results. I have no idea which will work better, or even if either of them will work well. But since I want a bliki I will explore TikiWiki, and you can join in 🙂

2 Responses to “Blikis: some technical information”

  1. Eeva Says:

    I’ve been exploring some Blikis currently online.

    For example: http://wiremine.org/, where the writer has combined Blog and a Wiki (he wrote an article about it too). But the site looks like a normal blog to me. I can’t tell how the wiki features are implemented. But meybe it’s a good thing?

    With another bliki by Martin Fowler I had the same experience, I just didn’t see the difference between a blog and a bliki.

    But the reason might be because I’m not very experienced with blogging. 🙂

  2. Owen Says:

    The difference is slightly more obvious in Martin Fowler’s bliki, I think. It would appear that the diary/time ordering is just one category. If you link on Books for example you get taken to a page where the wiki type layout is slightly more observable, and there is a use of wikiwords.

    But you are right. The differences are not that apparent. This could be because these people haven’t found an interesting use for their blikis yet 🙂

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