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Project Amagezzi has started

The project Amagezzi can be followed at the Wiki or should I say bliki (?), under the category “CategoryAmagezzi“. The idea about the students project using eachothers project (like us and the 3M with their bliki idea) is in my opinnion an example of good team spirit! 🙂

4 Responses to “Project Amagezzi has started”

  1. Ralf Says:

    As I am pretty unexperienced in working with wikis could you explain how to create categorys (and how to delete pages after creating them accidentally!)? You created categories sucesfully and I tried it by creating a page with a name like CategoryNameofthecategory but it does’nt seem to work like that!?

  2. Camilla Says:

    When you create a category, the category main page needs to consist: {{category}} somewhere on the page. I suggest you don’t put much other information on the category main page, because otherwise the pages under the category are not as displaied (i.e. they move down on the page). Wikka Wiki has a very good help page, which gives you the information you need. For creating categories they say this:

    Categories are normal wikipages, only two things are different:

    1. their pagename must start with “Category” (like “CategoryWiki”, “Category Category”, “Category Users” [the last two without the space, of course] etc.) and
    2. their page should contain {{category}} somewhere.

    You can find the help pages here: http://wikkawiki.org/WikkaDocumentation

    It is very easy to use. Instead of writing all the code on each page you can either copy-paste from excisting pages or just clone a page from the wiki.

  3. Ralf Says:

    And i found the Information how to delete Pages from the wiki as well in the Documentation.
    Here ist the description:

    To delete a page, browse to the page and add “/delete” to the end of the URL.

    For example, if I wanted to delete a page named UselessPage, I would browse to the page, click in my web browser’s address textbox using the mouse, placing the cursor at the end of the address, and then type in /delete and hit the Enter key on my keyboard.

    So the address would change from:




  4. Camilla Says:

    Yes I know how to delete pages, but when I tried it in Rotterdam the wiki told me that “I was not allowed to delete pages”.. ? But I fixed the problem in another way, so that I used the useless page to something else.

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